Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

In today’s information-driven economy, ensuring that the right people have the right information at the right time is a key factor for business success. However, controlling access to this information through proper identity management is an ever-increasing challenge.

Many corporations require detailed auditing and reporting that show exactly who accessed what, how and when, as well as who granted or approved the access. Furthermore, the costs and complexity of securely and efficiently managing access for a growing number of employees, customers, business associates and suppliers across multiple environments continue to climb.

To address these challenges, Kofill offers a security-rich, automated, policy-based Identity Management solution.

It can help organizations:

  • Address policy compliance requirements through centralized, policy-based access control, reports and audit trails across key information systems. The closed-loop automated user provisioning and reconciliation features help ensure that accounts are set up properly and that updates are made according to the organizations security policies.
  • Reduce IT administration costs by providing Web self-care interfaces to decrease help-desk calls, centralize control, provide local autonomy, and automatically manage accounts, credentials and access rights throughout the user lifecycle.
  • Increase user and IT efficiency by helping reduce turn-on time for new accounts and decreasing errors by automating user submission and approval requests.