Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

The always-on interconnected world provides organization a need that identity governance is essential to ensure the security of their IT systems and data as well as compliance with regulations and laws. Identity governance enables organizations to manage its IT related business risk and compliance in efficient, effective and consistent manner.

It also reduces the costs and improves security in the following ways:

  • To ensure the appropriate access rights
  • To ensure the individuals have access right assigned in a way to minimize fraud and misuse
  • To avoid data leakage
  • To meet compliance required by laws and regulations
  • To ensure individuals are accountable for use of IT systems and data
  • To improve management of access related risks
  • To provide transparency over access rights and activities in order to ensure laws and regulations compliance

To mitigate the security risks in today’s interconnected world where fraud and data leakage from use of new technologies of smart devices, cloud computing and social media, Kofill’s solution in Identity Governance and Compliance helps organizations to manage effectively identities and application access in the following ways:

  • Provisioning of identities and access rights
  • ID verifications
  • Roles and entitlements
  • Separation of duties (SOD)
  • Certification